How Does Resume Fraud Cost Your Company
How Does Resume Fraud Cost Your Company

How Does Resume Fraud Cost Your Company

Resume fraud is the act of hiring a person without a background check and then having the applicant provide false information to improve their chances of being hired. This is a criminal act that can cost your company in countless ways. If you’re not careful and diligent in how you hire new employees, you could soon be out of work.

If a scammer has gotten in, your business is now at risk for leaks, security breaches, and many other problems that are bound to arise. In this blog post, I will walk you through the different types of resume fraud and explain how resume fraud costs your company.

Types Of Resume Fraud
Whether hiring for Louisville KY entry level jobs, seasonal, or permanent positions, recruiters and hiring managers will use various methods to screen applicants. Resume fraud techniques change and get more complicated, even within the same type of job. The most common types of resume fraud include:

Resume Redacting
This is where an applicant can remove the section that details their history with the company. This can be done at any time during the application process and usually occurs when they apply for more than one position at a certain workplace. The fact that they have already been hired and you don’t know about it is enough reason to raise a red flag.

Resume Editing
This is when an applicant gives you false details about their job history. It can be as simple as filling in a blank spot on their resume and saying they were hired by a company when they weren’t, or the more complex ones where they give you fake names, education information, and other details. The best way to tell if Editing has occurred is if their dates of employment aren’t accurate. Mistakes are much easier to notice if the applicant has already been hired.